The WORD Still Waiting on a Response from NYC Comptroller William Thompson, Jr.

An earlier post recalled his meeting with the WORD a few years ago and stated that he had been contacted about a possible meeting again.

So far, no word.

Excerpts below of recent news reporting by print/internet media about DC 37 (rep-ing city government workers, like social workers, secretaries, engineers and accountants) giving its endorsement to Thompson:

The Chief: DC 37 Gives Thompson Campaign a Big Boost: Particularly ominous for the Mayor in terms of the mood within DC 37 may be these comments from a local president who is not part of Ms. Roberts’s inner circle [referring to Executive Director Lillian Roberts]. Speaking conditioned on anonymity, he said, “Somewhere along the way City Hall decided to vilify this workforce and portray us as a bunch of parasites who suck the blood from the city. The truth is, the Mayor and his Wall Street buddies have much more to do with this [fiscal] crisis than some poor SOB pushing a mop.” If DC 37’s endorsement reflects a deeper anger among public workers, it may have started something last week.

New York Times: Biggest Union Is Said to Back Bloomberg Rival: In 2005, the union broke with its tradition of endorsing Democrats and backed Mr. Bloomberg, then a Republican, privately arguing that the mayor was likely to trounce a weak field of Democratic candidates. Many expected the district council to do the same this time, especially since Mr. Bloomberg appears to be steamrolling toward re-election and granted DC 37’s workers back-to-back 4 percent raises last fall, despite the economic crisis. But disputes between DC 37 and the Bloomberg administration, which have simmered throughout the second term, appeared to boil over during the endorsement process, giving Mr. Thompson an opening, according to those who have spoken to the union’s leaders.

NY Daily News: Soured on Mayor Bloomberg, DC 37 union taps William Thompson with endorsement: Bloomberg’s campaign said Thompson must have promised the union more, and demanded he release a questionnaire he submitted to its leaders. Thompson said he promised nothing, but refused to release the questionnaire. “No one asked for promises,” he said. “There were no fiscally irresponsible requests made in our discussion.”

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