Photo Exhibit about Workplace Bullying Is Powerful, Inspirational and Generating Considerable Excitement

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On Apr 23, 2016, at 8:44 PM, Gregg Morris, Make NYS Healthy Workplace Bill a Law in 2016 Campaign wrote:

Hi, petition signers.

A photo exhibit by the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates is generating considerable excitement and attention not only in that state but with advocates and supporters and activists in New York where a similar exhibit is being planned. This is helping to fuel, and I write this without exaggeration, a cavalcade of supporting healthy workplace bills. It is that exciting.

Here is one link with info and here is another about the Massachusetts Exhibit. We can do the same in New York. Remember this name! Torii Bottomley (Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocate also helping with NY!)

Also: The United Federation of Teachers has issued a Resolution of Support for the NYS Healthy Workplace Bill.

Also: New York Education Empowerment Forum 2016 – Battling Corruption & Harassment, May 14 – This is a major conference addressing corruption and harassment in NY schools. Healthy Workplace Advocates and School Activists
are participating. Corruption and bullying go hand in hand. More info about this conference later. It’s in NYC.

Also: Here is a really good article about bullying, the kind of article that the mainstream news media has been ignoring; it was published in Counseling Today. This is the kind of published info that legislators need to be reminded of.

A lot is in the works. More info later.

Everone being targeted please hang in there. We will make a diffierence. It’s a matter of how big! We want REAL CHANGE and PROGRESS!

Gregg Morris
Assistant Professor
Hunter College

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