OccupyWallSt.Org Refusing to Post information About February 28 Rally?

Hello All,

Today (February 23), Frank called me and he was irate becasue F28 is not on any Occupy web sites. As we talked, I became irate. Afterwards, I sent the following e-mail to www.occupywallst.org:

Why is OccupyWallSt.org refusing to post information about “A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement” and the February 28 Day of Mass Action, “Stand with Occupy, Don’t Suppress the Occupy Movement”?

The Call has been signed by over 1000 people, including civil rights lawyers who have defended Occupy, writers who have written about the movement, artists, and many at the core of Occupy. The Call and F28 have been passed in the GA’s of NYC/OWS, Chicago, Houston, Cleveland, St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Details are at http://www.dontsuppressows.org/. Suppressing thought and initiative violates the very principles of Occupy, let alone any movement of resistance. What’s worse, is that this is a call to rally people to defend Occupy –  by what reason would you want to keep this from Occupy and all of those who follow OWS?

We have written you several times for over a month with no posting and no response. Preventing the Occupy community from hearing about this Call and day of action is unacceptable and intolerable. Time is short. I expect a speedy reply at (646) 290-8894 or travisfmorales@yahoo.com

Don’t Suppress OWS
Travis Morales

Travis F. Morales

Stop Thinking Like an American,
Start Thinking About Humanity

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