Definitely Not Warp Speed, Not Quite Coup de Grace

Mayoral Candidate William C. Thompson III appeared at the Kaye Playhouse yesterday evening and pictures and photos are still being processed. Definitely not warped speed here. Nevertheless, the WORD’s Jonathan Mena was there blogging and Twittering live.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

Other D-candidates spoke before WCT III took the stage and the crowd was definitely not Upper East side in the Kaye to hear about the disgrace of Term Limits. So, one wonders what that was about:  A strategy for a demise in the making? The Comptroller and the Public Advocate Democratic Candidates are obvious shoe-ins.

The NY Times article today, Bloomberg Foe’s Campaign Shows Lax Management, doesn’t draw blood – no coup de grace here – as much as it shows how fortunate it is for the incumbent to be $$$, $$$, $$$, $$$ fortunate. For his Term Limits, he will do $$$ mea culpas to the “right” people/organizations when he finally steps down.

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