Norway: A Firsthand Account of the Massacre in Utøya

I headline hunt, using the mainstream news media for breaking news. So, if CNN or the NY Times or ABC, as examples, report a BNE, I go to the local news organization reporting the story. So, I can be “envious” of my students who read Spanish and French and, for the Utøya Massacre, Norwegian.

However, subscribing to GlobalVoices helps compensate for my ignorance. Norway: A Firsthand Account of the Massacre in Utøya – by  Solana Larsen


On Saturday, Prableen Kaur, a 23-year old local politician and youth leader from Oslo, posted a firsthand account of what happened to her on her blog in Norwegian. She fled the killer and managed to survive, using her mobile phone, Twitter, and Facebook to tell family and friends she was still alive. The Telegraph newspaper in the UK hastranslated the entire blog post to English on Saturday. Several hundred people have left comments on Kaur’s blog offering support and best wishes.

Read the entire story here.


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