More Info About the Healthy Workplace Bill

By Mike Schlicht

The Healthy Workplace Bill was referred to the Senate Finance Committee in the next step of the legislative process. The Chair of the Senate Finance Committee is Senator John DeFranciso and he represents parts of the Syracuse area. NYHWA would like to setup a meeting with him at the District office in the very near future to speak with him about the bill. NYHWA is looking for constituents of his, people who work in his district and those who are from the Greater Syracuse area to speak briefly about their workplace bullying experience as we ask for him to place the bill on the agenda for a vote.

The following web site will help you determine if you are a constituent of the Senator and/or work in his district.

Please send an email to and let us know if you are a constituent of the Senator, work in his district or can attend a meeting and are from the Syracuse area. The meeting will likely take place during business hours.

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