“live firing zone”

From MSNBC: BANGKOK – Thailand’s army designated a riot-wracked neighborhood in central Bangkok as a “live firing zone” Saturday, as streets in the Asian metropolis became battlegrounds and authorities struggled to contain Red Shirt demonstrators demanding the prime minister’s resignation.
Full story here.

By Howard Monatha
Via facebook

Howard Monath Amazing, according to this story, the Red Shirt general, Seh Deang who was shot in the head by a sniper was set up.. A second after a video camera started rolling, and the camera light clearly illuminated his face, he was shot in the forehead by a sniper from one of the nearby towers.
about an hour ago

Linda Melissa Wahlroos everything is possible in Thailand, did u film it?
about an hour ago

Howard Monath I wasn’t that cameraman Linda ! I was at that same spot earlier in the day though. You never know when something is going to happen.
4 minutes ago [3:08 p.m.]

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