Lest We Forget …

Retired Professor Peter Parisi: Self-Anointed Chaperone for the Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism says he believes in news censorship.


The following was sent to Parisi via his facebook page.


Because of the whining, moaning and groaning about the call for a boycott of the Aronson Award, I am extending an opportunity for you to speak your mind. The ethical issues should be obvious even to you. And you should reply ASAP. I would like to think you understand the importance of news deadlines.

The fact that you’ve retired doesn’t hold any significance to me. However, Larry Shore says otherwise. What do you think? There was concern, according to the minutes of a department meeting, expressed by Karen Hunter, Bernard Stein and Larry Shore, that you were being unfairly targeted (or some kind of mumbo jumbo about something like that).

It’s true others at that D:F/M faculty meeting a while back expressed support for censoring the WORD, such as Marty Lucas. I can deal with them later.

Also, I will be addressing in appropriate media and forums your role in undermining undergraduate student journalism at Hunter. [I’m thinking of a title like HOW TO KILL OFF AN UNDERGRADUATE JOURNALISM PROGRAM, which, of course is flawed and something to work with, because there never was never[sic] really a valid journalism program only an image of.] Feel free to comment. Others share in this morass but you set the tone early on.


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