Growth of CUNY Chancellor’s Salary Outpaces Rise in Faculty’s Pay‏ But the NY Times doesn’t Care

By Manfred Philip

I wish the NY Times did a better job when it reports on items related to higher education in NY City. This article [unpublished]  was just an example of hot-headline journalism, devoid of deeper content.

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From: Manfred Philipp
Date: Fri, May 14, 2010 at 5:05 PM
Subject: Growth of CUNY Chancellor’s Salary Outpaces Rise in Faculty’s Pay

Dear Editor,

As the Faculty Trustee of CUNY, I have argued that any increase in administrative salaries must be matched or exceeded by increases in faculty compensation, including that of the part-time faculty. However, the really important question for CUNY is whether all of the activities of the CUNY central office are really necessary. Each CUNY college has a president, a provost, a chief executive officer, a legal staff, an enrollment manager, and so on. What do the colleges gain
from having all of these functions duplicated centrally? The CUNY Trustees are slated to examine proposed cost reductions in CUNY’s operations. Some part of these duplicated expenditures may be
unnecessary. CUNY’s limited resources must be used for what the university really needs most, which is more full-time faculty.

Philipp’s is:
Executive Committee, the University Faculty Senate of CUNY
Alternate Faculty Member, CUNY Board of Trustees Committees on Faculty, Staff, & Administration and on Student Affairs

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