Future of Journalism, Manhattan Institute – Et Al

The institute is organizing a February 23 symposium about the future of journalism in the Internet age. Professor Lisa George, Hunter economics department, who said Hunter President Raab asked her to participate in the symposium, sent a notice to this instructor. George said she will be hosting an academic conference at Hunter’s Roosevelt House October 15, 16 about, tentatively, the impact of technology on markets for news and information.

The Future of Journalism is on a myriad of minds and has been showing up in a myriad of theaters and arenas. The Future of Journalism Education lags.

More than a year ago, this instructor participated in a discussion at the Poynter Institute about the future of journalism. He also participated in a discussion at the McCormick Foundation several weeks before the week-long workshop at Pointer. That discussion was about funding future J-enterprises, thus, The Future of Journalism was a significant part of that discussion. There have been lots of discussions and seminars and mini-docus and workshops showing up on cable and the  Internet.

So, where stands D:F/M? Hope here is that the Duh is not significant. I can’t wait to get started on this thread.

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