Final Grades, Fall Semester – Basic Reporting (So-called)

This was one of the most talented classes I’ve had in a few years. However, two students who could have achieved at least a B flunked because they seemed to believe they could bluff their way through the course and get a C  without completing the assignments (that’s my impression), and one was very late-late several times and in one conversation conveyed that she was hoping to bluff – again, my impression – her way to a passing grade that she could get without doing the homework.

The other attended class regularly but … refused to turn in assignments or refused to turn in assignments on time.

Because of the internecine war with my department about my classes and how I want to teach, final grades is always serious manner. The usual attrition rate – F’s, D’s, W’s and WU’s – is one-third.

I’m expecting that the two INCs eventually become passing grades.


A — 2
B+ — 3
B — 3
B- — 1
INC — 2
W — 1
WU — 1
F — 2

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