FAIR Media Advisory: Keith Olbermann’s Departure from MSNBC Shows Limits of Corporate Media Liberalism – Part 2

A quickie:  I watched bits n’pieces of Olbermann. I watched Rachel Maddow a few times and wondered how long MSNBC allow her to pummel the extreme right. She was very good but something about her shows seemed artificial and more like entertainment, as in, Okay, you think these right wing sleaze bags are going to heaven? Well, watch this choreography we put together to make sure that you know they’re really going to hell. A little over the top, I thought.

I  considered her and his shows marketing devices for MSNBC to compete against Fox for viewership. Whereas Fox never seemed that way: True diehard neo-nativists — neo-fascistic, comfortable in the presence of birthers and all the other neo-bigots. A real bigot revue.

I  believe that the MSNBC high mucky-mucks and the Fox high mucky-mucks meet somewhere in an upscale bar and schmooze, slap each other on the back, commiserate.

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