D:F/M Mob Does a Bronx Cheer – Epilogue, Part 1

Below is Colleague Larry Shore’s April 4 12:51:29 EDT 2012 email. It is flushed with deceit and misrepresentations and specious comments. However, it is also possible that he believes some of what he is saying. My comments are in red.

I wanted to reconfirm that I am not seeking a confrontation with you. Neither do I or anyone else have any interest in censoring you or anything. All that we seek is for you to stop these wild, unsubstantiated personal attacks that unfairly damage the departments reputation.

If you stop I will go quietly and you won’t hear from me.
For the record few points of clarification:

I rarely post on hunter-l. Maybe 5 times in 5 years. [That’s not true at all nor accurate but I don’t know if my Colleague is being deceitful.]
I have never attacked you there. I have only responded to your inaccurate posts and defended my colleagues. [Regarding the first sentence, that’s not true at all. The rest is bullshit.]
If this no longer continues you will see nothing from me about you.

You incorrectly quote me with your quotation marks in your recent e-mailing. You as a journalist should be more careful. I never said everyone in the college hates you. I said I have never found anyone who agrees with you. [He might be right about the “hate.” We had a serious exchange at a spring faculty meeting and he was soooo busy jeering that my recollection may be off. I will have to check a tape of the meeting. As for the last comment about who agrees or doesn’t agree with me, I have no idea with whom he confides or hold discussions. A lot of Hunterites we both consult don’t hold him in high regard, that’s for sure. I know this academic community has never witnessed a public fight resonating with allegations of racism and bigotry. Scuttlebutt and whispering about them, yes, but in the open, no way! ]

Its true – I have yet to find anyone in the department, the administration, the college who agrees with you or is allied with you. Your attacks would have much more credibility if there was someone somewhere who supported you. A party of one is not much. [Again, it’s quite possible that he believes what he is saying or that he is lying or that he only talks to people like him. My “allies” are all the complaints I filed with the Ombudsman and the Senate. Only one complaint, a grade appeal to the Senate, was not upheld. And, of course, I have a militia of corroborativef emails and memos from around the College. A party of one can be lethal.]

For all your talk about meetings with the administration or coups, talkeovers etc .. none of us buy it at all. [That’ a lie and he knows it.] Many of us meet with all of the senior administrators (including the chair on a regular basis) and lets just say they have a very different view from the one you imagine. But hey dreaming and hallucinating is not illegal. [- which is good or him and other Colleagues or he/they would be on death row.]

No one is interested in censoring anything- just preventing these personal attacks.
We do not live by my rules or your rules. We all have to live the rules of the institution we work at-the Hunter-l rules. They were recently reposted as a reminder to all of us that we have to live by them. [That is such a moronic and sophistical statement that there’s no way to respond to it in this post.]

So say what you like but live by the Hunter-l rules and so will I and the rest of us.
They also apply to fm-l. They are listservs.

Obviously you can say what you like on your private e-mail
as long as you allow people to opt out if they choose.

Which you have. Thats good.
Once again, cut the personal attacks, debate the issues and we can all go forward quietly.

Larry Shore Larry Shore Larry Shore

Larry Shore
North Building 512
Office hrs.: Wed 3:10-4:30, 7:00-7:45 pm,
Th. 12:00-1:00 (or by appointment)

[Note: Shore and I, our paths cross and we never speak. Which is fine with me. And I’ve warned him about sending me unsolicited emails. And, of course, he ignores the warnings.]


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