D:F/M Faculty Meeting, October 7: Tower of Babble

If institutions of higher learning desire academic honesty, they must be institutions of obvious integrity, places where students, faculty, and administrators seek truth and wisdom and technical expertise in an environment marked by trust, honesty, respect, fairness, responsibility, and courage. — Peg Hogan, Former President, The Center for Academic Integrity.

More thoughts.

The faculty meeting that was suppose to mark D:F/M’s new trajectory – stratospheric if not mesospheric, up, up and away, into a new mind-blowing orbit – not Crash and Burn, Cha-Cha-Cha. Solicitations, giddy, of Farce & Mediocrity were never so open.

So: This Colleague refused to put the John Hancock on the draft for the proposed journalism curriculum. A faux pas ever there was one. Colleagues Karen Hunter, Peter Parisi and Professor Stein have inked theirs, so to speak.

Sample babble from October 7: QMfE: “Sure, any student interested in being a sports writer should take Media, Sports and Society,” says Colleague Larry Shore who teaches the lecture/discussion class. “And any student who wants to be a political reporter, should take D:F/M’s lecture/discussion class on politics.” That’s tantamount to slipping the students a mickey.

And: Deputy Chair Kelly Anderson, whose many signature comments and signature moments are ensconced in permanent archives of the College library [to Professor Bernard Stein], QMfE, “You guys should really consider adding public relations … it’s really popular with students.” That’s tantamount to slipping hemlock to the Journalism Concentration.

Cant thou reading this blog see the obvious?

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