Copy of February 12 Networking Email to Petition Signers Supporting NY Healthy Workplace Bill

NYHWA March 2, March 3 in Albany:

I’m Passing on Information from NYHWA Facebook Page:

NYHWA will be meeting with legislators new to the Senate and
Assembly to introduce the NYS Healthy Workplace Bill to
them. Supporters and advocates: Please consider showing up even
if you only have a few hours to speak about your encounter.

NYHWA says it welcomes supporters and advocates to come and let state
legislators hear first hand how damaging workplace bullying is to health,
careers and families.

For those who cannot make it, NYHWA says consider writing a synopsis
about your workplace bullying encounters to include in their info
packets to be delivered to legislators. Anonymity is absolutely OK.
NYHWA can be contacted at for more info


More NYHWA Info – YouTube

Petition Info – Pass on to Friends

Email sent by Gregg W Morris, an advocate of the bill. I’m an
assistant professor, journalism, Hunter College, CUNY, NYC, where
bullying is a menace.

More updates to come.

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