Coming This Semester – More Journalism Ethics and News Responsibility Posts …

… because I’m revising and upgrading my courses as well as teaching a journalism and news responsibility course. That means more posts and links and connection, like the following from RTNDA, The Association of Electronic Journalists (formerly the Radio, Television News Directors Association which revised its name because of the rapid changes taking place in journalism*): Newsroom Diversity.

On Tuesday July 28, RTNDA and Hofstra University released their annual Women and Minorities Survey. The survey found that women currently account for 41 percent of the news force – a record high for the survey. In contrast to that, the survey found that minorities in news dropped from last year. RTNDA spoke to several well respected journalists in the industry to get their perspective on the results and newsroom diversity issues.

Check here for more info.

*I hope the Colleague teaching broadcast news writing gets wind of  such changes taking place in journalism. But you never know. Duh.

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