Center for Communication Did Great Things for Hunter Students …


Center for Communication Annual Luncheon November 11, 2013

Center for Communication Annual Luncheon November 11, 2013

… Until …

… The Bozos  Screwed Things Up

The Center for Communication still schedules great panel discussions and events for students but not on this campus. The once great CfC-D:F/M project started by me for students on this campus – as well as embossing the image of the Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College – has been reduced to the posting of announcements on the D:F/M listserv (for which many students in the department are not listserv members). There are Colleagues who believe the postings, as flawed a D:F/M idea as debauching the department IT network, can make it appear that there is still some kind of connection with the Center.

Hardly any D:F/M majors, let alone majors from other departments at the College, attend CfC scheduled events. Colleagues nevertheless are content with the apparition that there is a connection, that there is a project, even though the relationship died on the vine years ago, killed off by bozos.  Chimera fuels the apparitions in D:F/M.

Check out the recent fm-listserv post. Great panel for students. This, or panels like it, aren’t done on the Hunter campus — as they were once several years ago until Death by Pox Bozos. More about this later.



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