Car Bomb Updates/Corrections/Clarifications: NY Times & NY Daily News

NY Times Headline: ‘Very Lucky,’ Mayor Says, After Bomb
Lead Graph: A crude car bomb of propane, gasoline and fireworks was discovered in a smoking Nissan Pathfinder in the heart of Times Square on Saturday evening, prompting the evacuation of thousands of tourists and theatergoers on a warm and busy night. Although the device had apparently started to detonate, there was no explosion, and early on Sunday the authorities were still seeking a suspect and motive.
Subsequent Paragraphs Paraphrased: A T-shirt vendor who saw smoke emitting from a SUV alerted a mounted police officer who, after smelling gunpower as he approached parked van, call for backup. Times said that the bomb misfired.
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NY Daily News Headline: 3 cops, street vendor stop Times Square car bomb from detonating; Gas, clock found inside car
Lead Graph: Three heroic cops and a quick-thinking street vendor stopped a madman from detonating a car bomb in the heart of Times Square Saturday night, law enforcement officials told the Daily News
Subsequent Paragraphs Paraphrased: Mounted cop circled vehicle. Smelled gunpowder. Alerted two rookie female cops nearby who “pushed hundreds of people away from the scene.” Thus earning “Hero Cop” epaulets. They not the mounted cop, according to the NYDN, saw a man fleeing from the van.
[Weird news elements here.]

Full story here.

CNN: A T-shirt vendor who noticed smoke coming out of a tinted, dark green sport utility vehicle alerted police to what turned out to be a potential bomb placed in Times Square.

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