Another WORD Experiment in the Making

The WORD has signed up with Uwire for the obvious reason: Serious Hunter J-students should be networking with other serious J&M students, that’s Journalism and Media students.

Here’s what Uwire says:

“Connecting Aspiring Media Talent with Each Other and the World”

Founded in 1994, UWIRE is a community-driven service devoted to the needs of student journalists. Our aim is to identify and promote the brightest young content creators and deliver their work to a larger audience.

Our recently re-launched is the only career networking community dedicated exclusively to aspiring media talent. It offers young journalists a place to establish themselves professionally, post a resume, interact with other like-minded content creators, and show off their portfolio.

Similarly, our 14-year-old Student Media Affiliate Program allows 800+ student media outlets to share content and facilitates inter-school collaboration. This entirely student powered wire service generates more than 500 stories a day, including first rate news, opinion, sports, and entertainment coverage.

The best content from our site and service is distributed via UWIRE’s Syndication Service, the leading source for student-generated media. Distribution partners include the most reputable names in the professional media world, such as the New York Times, Billboard, Yahoo, Lexis Nexis and parent company CBS.

Do you work for a student-run newspaper, television, radio station or web site? If so, you are eligible to join UWIRE’s free Student Media Affiliate Program.

The concept is simple: Your organization gains access to a free wire service, comprised of content aggregated from other student-run media outlets, and in return, you grant UWIRE the license to deliver your stories to the UWIRE affiliate network and syndication partners. The cost is zero and the benefits are a free wire service and potential exposure via mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, Yahoo, and CBS News. Membership now includes more than 800 outlets, touching all 50 states and 16 different countries.

More about this later.

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