Additional Pics from the February 4 GA Meeting of OCCUPY WALL STREET

Two video photographers capturing a moment in history. Have no idea what the plans are for their footage.

Just received this morning from “Dont Suppress OWS” working group a notice of a conference call for 9 p.m.

RE: Comments/Agenda:There’s 22 days to build for the day of mass action against the suppression of occupy and tens of thousands of people who support the occupy movement who need to know about the rally and march on Tuesday February 28 at 4pm and why they need to be there. There needs to be creative ambitious plans to get this out in a major way, reach a lot of people, and work with them to make this a powerful action, so let’s develop a strategy and some plans.

Discussion going on about the proposal from the adhoc working group on the suppression of OSW. Notice the multicolored hat at the top left of the picture (image partially blocked by video camera)..

Have no idea who she was. Definitely opposed to the proposal. Her objection made little sense but it was respected out of the protocol of OSW General Assembly. Kept barking at me to stop taking her picture and at first I did stop until I noticed that she said nothing to the videographers and others shooting away.

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