A Historical Moment: Should President Barack Obama Have Called the Cambridge Police Officer’s Actions “Stupid”?

He did and his comments were heard around the world. [Google results: 1,230,000 for obama calls cambridge cop stupid]

Also: The mainstream news media, especially those broadcast talking heads and as Matt Lauer today on Today did, can’t get the account of the incident straight. And I wonder why there wasn’t much American reporting about what the international news media was saying.

Nor can they distinguish between the realities of institutional racism vs. race relations (people to people) vs. state-sanctioned racism  that existed before Brown vs. the Board of Education and the kind of racism that existed after the U.S. Supreme Court unanimous decision. Micheal E. Dyson [here and here] was great on the Today show today but he should have tried to work in a comment about the kind of racism/xenophobia directed at people from the Middle East.

Also, there is this confusion when talking about racism and racial profiling directed at black males that speakers mean only black males and not moms, daughters, aunts, etcetera, and I know that what black males experience so do other males of color and people of Middle East descent as well as their moms, sisters.


What Obama did was raise to the potential for serious discussion about race and racism and all forms of bigotry and discrimination to a new level.

More on this, of course.

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