PUSHBACK, MEDP 299.47, Fall, 2009 – Part II

Pushback can range from physical threats & menacing behavior to moderate passive aggressive behavior (such as, I dare you to make me do the assignments) to the negligible. Extreme, never to be tolerated; moderate, up to a certain level until it threatens to fuel rebellious anticipation of 30-40Ps; negligible, hardly worth mentioning (a little slack shouldn’t hurt but don’t tell that to 30-40Ps and the Colleagues who support them).

JS: Had advantages: Took Advanced Reporting as taught by this instructor in the previous semester. Was prepared for out-of-class interviewing, reporting. Understood that the deadlines were for real. Excellent writer. There to work not to play, though absences were several. Did well.

VG: Excellent writer. Very good student (though excoriated once for text messaging). Did well.

AMJ: A non-contentious 30-40P. Deceiving facade (spoke solemnly about a passion for writing, recalled English classes with instructors leading enthused discussions about writing. Early tip-off: QMfE: “I want an A in this class” – said comment always by a student wanting an A for C work (or sometimes F) but willing to settle for a B.

Subsequent tip-off: After faulting peers for not being serious (in a private conversation, of course), flubbed first Commute assignment, her giggles accentuating the mediocrity of her effort, as in, QMfE, “Duh, I sort of goofed, hee, haw.”

Early on, assessed some peers as laggards who would slow the class down. Good writer but not as good as she imagined herself. Not pleased at being at Hunter, considering her station in life. Unctuous mannerisms insinuating that she, unlike the rest, shouldn’t be burdened with syllabus guidelines. QMfE, “How silly of the instructor to flunk me on an assignment that I didn’t want to turn in on time.” Final grade, CR.

End of Part II

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