Hunter Alumna Published Book As Student – And No One Knew?

I inadvertently discovered this info about Meredith Deliso and posted on Hunter-L, the College Listserv for general communication: link.

Attention Students – Meredith Deliso: Hunter Alumna’s book published … as a student!?! And there was no book party!?!?
Or did I just miss it?
Anyway, here it is at link.

She says the College Prowler publishers found her through, check this out, the WORD. It’s about Hunter, that is, an insider’s guide for prospective students. But it’s so promisingly savvy, I might use it for my basic reporting class (where students have to learn the basics about the Hunter community like grade appeals, USG, Senate, Shared Governance, Administration, who runs this place, where the power lies, etcetera).

Deliso: Won two student journalism awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (regional, if I recall correctly) and was selected for a prestigious magazine internship at the American Society of Magazine Editors. She was the first student at CUNY to be awarded this internship (it’s a nation-wide competition*) and opened the door for other H-students** in a way that can’t be explained here (but if D:F/M ever schedules a decent magazine writing class, more H-students can become eligible).

Deliso was a media studies major and Honors College student.

*Hunter, over the course of a few years, use to rank 1, 2, 3 in the BPEF
internships provided to student journalists in annual competition, beating out Columbia University, Ohio State, NYU, etcetera.

**Applicants are really helped by a letter from an alumnus/alumna in the program. The ASME internship coordinator at an internship conference/panel event a while back (okay, way back) said he really liked the Hunter applicants.

She graduated about three years ago.

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