An Ethical Dilemma & Mom & Dad


Date: Tue Jun 28 10:52:39 EDT 2011
From: [Spring MEDP292 Student]
Subject: Campus MovieFest Article
To: “Greggory W Morris” <>

Hello Professor,

A girl I interviewed, named [Anonymous], for her participation in a movie at Campus MovieFest, said that she needs her name removed from the article posted on HunterWORD[sic]. Her reason is that she kissed a girl in the video and her parents searched her name, found the video, and have her on lock down threatening to make her drop out of school. She needs to cut all ties with the video and article so her parents will let her stay in school. Though she agreed to the publishing of the article, she believes her reputation and education are at stake and would like to be removed from the article. Please get back to me as to whether this can be done.

Thank you,
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I’m not tampering with the published article that says nothing about the movie. Nothing about content. Doesn’t have a link to the YouTube video ( could be there for years and years and years. It will be in the Campus MovieFest archives in perpetuity. The article is not revelatory about anything of a serious nature.

It’s unfortunate her parents are narrow minded. I understand her angst but this article is not harmful in any form or fashion. There are ethical journalism issues also at play.


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