Feature Writing, Spring 2009. They All Passed?

Feature Writing, Spring 2009. They All Passed?

I’m resuming photographing my classes for the WORD. There was a time when I taught magazine writing and the semester would start with 25-30 students in class. By the end, there might be four or five. After that happened two consecutive semesters, I stopped teaching the class. I thought it was a waste. That was before I and some students started the WORD.

Then, for my classes – required to publish articles in the WORD – I would take one pic at the beginning of the semester. But too many times by the end of the semester, a lot of the happy-smiling faces didn’t make the finish (because of Ws, WUs, Fs, Ds – ugh). For a few semesters after, I stopped-started-stopped. The class featured here inspired me to resume my photo documentary journey in full.

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