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ABC News On Air Talent, Former WORD Editor Jackie Fernandez …

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

… was out celebrating last night, Sunday, with friends at St. Marks Place in the East Village. First, Boka (yummy, yummy). Then karoke-ing next door at Sing Sing, where this writer experienced an epiphany (brought on by decent sake and an alcoholic water melon drink from the gods and JF and former WORD Senior Editor Jonathan Mena [who won’t be seen until the final photo spread]).

Sogyel Lhungay, a graduate of NYU, left. Jackie Fernandez, right, of course.

Why the celebration?


Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor: Did Ed Kent Get It Right?

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

This editor/writer was interested, sort of, about the turnout and the karma for this Beck rally in D.C. today. Sort of, as in sometimes the editor watches the Super Bowl and sometimes the World Series and the NBA* finals on occasion. And, of course, how the news media would give it play and review, was of interest, probably more than watching the main event (which, because of the Internet, could be reviewed easily). Also: This could be interesting,  the size of the rally.

Hundreds of thousands were expected but early news reports, though not providing estimates that made sense, reported that tens of thousands had shown up or were showing up for not only Beck’s but one organized by The Reverend Al Sharpton.


Sherrod Story Raises Question: How Many Breitbart Frauds Will Media Fall For?

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

By Zachary Tomanelli

“The lesson of Shirley Sherrod’s disgraceful treatment by right-wing and not-so-right-wing media (followed by her equally squalid dismissal by an administration that took that media at face value) boils down to a single question: When will journalists see Andrew Breitbart as the serial promoter of journalistic frauds that he is, rather than as a legitimate source for story ideas?”